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Water Planner,  Floodplain Management Section, DNR

Posted: March 6

Incumbent serves as the State's National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) representative. Incumbent serves as the primary point of contact for NFIP communities located within the assigned region of the state. Incumbent must have a good understanding of the requirements of the Flood Control Act (IC 14- 28-1), the Floodplain Management Act (IC 14-28-3) & Floodplain Management Rules (310 IAC 10), which create key specific higher standards for development within the floodplains throughout the State to protect citizens and their property. Incumbent provides reviews and/or opinions on permit applications for construction in the floodway. Incumbent monitors, guides, and evaluates communities for compliance with the NFIP, providing expertise in one or more program areas in floodplain regulations and development within the community's flood hazard areas. Incumbent manages the review/auditing of the communities' permitting program/processes within their assigned region. The incumbent provides guidance to community officials in the implementation of their community's floodplain ordinance, in the resolution of compliance issues, and in generally educating/assisting local officials with floodplain management concerns. The incumbent will use technical data, laws, regulations, and procedures, but must adopt and apply these to solving broad issues and problems.

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